Hello Coaches, Trainer and Athletes,

I hope you received this in great health and spirit!

My name is Sajeedah Jones and I am a certified Yoga Instructor who specializes in Yoga instruction (and or practice) for athletes. I believe consistent yoga practice is not only a complement to their training but a catalyst to peak performance both mentally and physically. There is a reason why Kareem Abdul-Jabaar played more minutes than any other NBA player and why Eddie George never missed a game in 9 seasons. There is also a reason why one of the best athletes in the world, Lebron James incorporated a yoga practice into his current training program.

Yoga is a total body workout.  Athletes who practice yoga will notice benefits such as increased concentration, discipline, focus, calmness and clarity. As an Athletic Trainer and or Coach, I am sure you are aware that the gain of an athlete is in their recovery. Yoga will assist and increase your athletes’ recovery time as well as helping to prevent injury.

I would love to speak with you further regarding my ability to support and assist your individual athletes. Should you be interested, I am available to speak at a time that works best for you.

Kind Regard,