​​Not only is Yoga a total body workout, it also helps
prevent injury while increasing recovery time, concentration, discipline, focus, calmness and clarity. All of these elements are extremely important when participating in a professional sport, as well as a fast paced life.  My goal is to show you how, through Yoga, 
you can take your game to the next level, both on the court and in the game of life.


My Story:

 I live a very fast paced life!  The Gemini in me usually leads to me having my hands in more fires than one at a time!

I am the Business Manager and heavily involved in Event Planning for a very intense lifestyle company known as Heights Entertainment.  

So Yoga is where I find peace and solace at the end of the day!  Or as I like to say, Yoga is the Yin to my Yang.

From a very early age, fitness and health played a major role in my everyday life. Three of my brothers and sisters played Division 1 college basketball. My youngest brother is a successful professional basketball player overseas. I decided that athletes would be my primary but not my only focus.

​After a 10 year love affair with Yoga, I decided that I wanted to share my love for this art form with those around me.  This led to me acquiring my 200 hour Ashtanga Teacher Certification and becoming a Yoga Alliance Certified Instructor.